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History of House Red Records

House Red Records was conceived by Music Writer and Producer Troy Woods in 2008, initially with unreleased projects in mind. Quickly though, the label was to become the home of the House Music anthem ‘Stand Up (Move your body), by BDi.

Stand Up (Move your Body) by BDi
Push your back up by Frankie Murarez
Take your time by Sweet Mercy

Instead of the record making it to House Red records though, the record was signed by Eric Powell on Boo Records. In fact, ‘Stand Up’ enjoyed 3 seperate releases with remixes by J Nitti, The Jinks, Darren Glen & Frankie Murarez.

From then the label was all but forgotten, as Troy Woods retired from the Music Industry.

But in 2021, with the world in turmoil from Covid19, Troy decided to get back in the Studio